RTI Act 2005



This compendium seeks to highlight the function and activities of NEIGRIHMS and to promote transparency and accountability in the working of NEIGRIHMS. The objective of the Compendium is also to provide easy access to the Public who wish to have any information relating to the functioning of the Department. The information which may be required from the Public Authority will be made available on application in accordance with the rules framed in this regard under the Right to Information Act 2005.
The Public authority has already notified the Public Information Officer as at Chapter 8 of this compendium. An attempt has been made to provide full coverage of the functioning of the NEIGRIHMS. However, there is always room for improvement and suggestions in this regard are welcome. Any interested person may kindly send their suggestion to the Public Information Officer whatever convenient for examination by the NEIGRIHMS. It is expected that this compendium will be of use to all the information seekers.

Chapter – 1
[Section -4(1) (b) (i)]

Particulars of the Department, Functions & Duties

2.1 Objectives/Purpose of the Public Authority

  1. to provide advanced and specialised medical facilities of the highest level in selected specialities, and to serve as a regional referral service centre for comprehensive health care and provide management consultancy in preventive, promotive, diagnostic, curative, rehabilitative services for the entire region;
  2. to provide and impart practical and job oriented training including refresher courses in selected specialities to medical and para medical personnel sponsored by the States/Union Territories of the region.
  3. to encourage, guide and assist in training and making available adequate number of requisite categories of skilled man-power at primary, secondary and higher levels of health care;
  4. to provide post-graduate medical education and training in carefully identified fields of specialisation at post-doctoral levels;
  5. to provide under-graduate medical education and training
  6. to develop educational training facilities of the highest order for various types of para-professional, supportive and auxiliary staff at all levels;
  7. to address itself to all aspects of primary health care programmes including health manpower development in North-Eastern Region and to provide consultation, advice and/or assist the State Government and Union Territories in regard to planning, establishing, managing and assessing the programmes and other related activities;
  8. to conduct research, especially operational and applied, and other studies as related to health sciences and man-power development;
  9. to assist the North-Eastern Council for coordinating health planning and developmental activities especially in the organisation of primary health care and health man-power development for the Region, between various governmental and other agencies;
  10. to impose and recover fees and charges for services rendered;
  11. to receive grants from the Govt. and gifts, donations, benefactions, loans and subscriptions whether in case or securities or any property either movable or immovable in furtherance of the objects of the Institute;
  12. to hold examinations and grant such degrees, diplomas and other academic distinctions and titles in Post-graduate and post-doctoral medical education as may be laid down in accordance with the regulations;
  13. to institute, and appoint persons to professorships, readerships, lectureships and posts of any description in accordance with regulations;
  14. to acquire and hold any movable or immovable property required in furtherance of the objects of the Institute;
  15. to sell, lease, exchange or otherwise transfer any properties of the Institute;
  16.   to invest and deal with the funds and moneys of the Institute or entrusted to it in such manner as may, from time to time, be determined by the Governing Council;
  17. to frame regulations specifying the manner in which, and the conditions subject to which, pension and provident funds may be constituted for the benefit of officers teachers and other employees of the Institute;
  18. to do all such other lawful acts as are conducive or incidental to the attainment of the above objects;

2.2               Mission/Vision Statement of the Public authority-


To improve the health of the population by promoting health care based on best evidence of effectiveness of care & efficient use of available resources.
Three pronged strategy will make this mission feasible. They are as here under.


Developing an apex seat of learning and a self sustainable resource centre of health & medical sciences through the Trinity of Training, Service and Research.

2.3               Brief history of the Public authority and context of its formation

NEIGRIHMS is an autonomous organisation established under Meghalaya Registration of Societies Act, 1983.

2.4               Duties of the Public Authority

  1. Service matters of the employees of the Institute.
  2. Service conditions of Institute’s employees.
  3. Matters relating to creation of various posts.
  4. Contract appointment of retired Government servant.
  5. Grant of Special pay/Additional pay, honorarium and fees to Institute’s employees/consultant.
  6. Rules and Practices for regulating fixation of seniority and promotion.
  7. Matters relating to execution of the agreement with the consultant.
  8. Pensionery matters.
  9. Grant of leave to officers & staffs.
  10. Medical treatment of officers and staff members of their families.
  11. Grant of House Building advance/Motor Car Advance to officers and staffs.
  12. Preparation of Seniority List.
  13. Maintenance of C.Rs of officers and Staffs of the Institute.
  14. Departmental Proceedings against Officers & staffs.
  15. Recruitment of Faculty & Staff.
  16. Procurement of Equipments/Drugs/Dressings etc for hospital & Services.
  17. Providing Medical Care & Relief to the people.
  18. Imparts Medical & Health Education.
  19. Carry out Medical & Health Research.

2.5               Main activities/functions of the Public Authority

The main activities of the Public Authority is as indicated at 2.1

 2.6               List of services being provided by the Public authority with brief write-up on them

NEIGRIHMS has been set up as a Super speciality post Graduate Institute. The Insitute has also started Under Graduate course from the academic year 2008-09. The Hospital of the Institute is functioning in its permanent campus at Mawdiangdiang with Out Patient and Inpatient services in the following departments:
      1. Cardiology
      2. Neurology
      3. General Medicine
      4. Pediatrics
      1. CTVS
      2. Urology
      3. General Surgery
      4. Obst & Gynecology
      5. Orthopedics
      6. ENT
      7. Opthalmology
      1. Biochemistry
      2. Microbiology
      3. Pathology
      4. Radiological Imaging
      5. Anesthesiology
      1. Anatomy
      2. Forensic Medicine
      3. Physiology
      4. Pharmacology

2.7  Organisational structure diagram at various levels

(See Annexure – A)

2.8  Expectation of the Public Authority from the public for enhancing its effectiveness and efficiency

NEIGRIHMS expectation from the public is in the form of cooperation in all matters.

2.9  Arrangements and methods made for seeking public participation/contribution

Any person seeking information under the Act shall make an application in prescribed form to the designated IPO and deposit application fees as per rule 6 with the authorized person. The IPO shall duly acknowledge the application as provided in the prescribed form
Provided that a person who makes a request through electronic form shall ensure that the requisite fee is deposited in case with the authorized person within seven days of his request sent through electronic form, failing which his application shall be treated as withdrawn by the applicant.

Charging of Fees

The fees for providing information to be charged by the Public Authority at the following rates:-

(A)       Application Fees

Description of Information Fees in rupees
Information relating to tender documents/Bids/Quotation/Business contracts; Rupees 10/- (ten) per application plus Rs.2/-per page as processing fee
2 Information other than (1) above Rupees 10/-per application plus Rs.2/- per page as processing fee.

B) Other Fees

  1. Where the information is available in the  Price so fixed.
Form of a priced publication.
  1. Copy of Rules & Bye-laws:                                  Same as 2 above.

2.10            Mechanism available for monitoring the service delivery and public grievances resolution


2.11  Address of the Main Office and other Offices at different levels

Director’s Block, NEIGRIHMS, Mawdiangdiang, Post Box No-92, Shillong-793012

2.12 Working Hours

Morning hours of the Office         -           9.30 AM
Closing hours of the Office          -           5.30 PM

 Chapter – 2
[Section-4 (1) (b) (ii)]

Powers and Duties of Officers and Employees

3.1 Details of Powers and Duties of Officers and Employees of the Department

Designation   Director
Powers Administrative He is the head of all the academic, scientific and administrative activities of the Institute.
Duties Financial Full powers on concurrence of Standing Finance Committee. (See-Bye-Laws Schedule-I (Extent of Power)

Designation   Deputy Director (Admn)
Powers Administrative In-charge of Administration.
Duties Financial As delegated by Director.



Financial Adviser



All financial proposals payments etc. have concurrence of Financial Adviser



He advices the Institute in all financial matters






To assist the Director in Academic matters



He advices the Institute in all Academic matters

Designation Medical Superintendent  Incharge
Duties In-charge of Administrative functioning of the Hospital

Designation Asst. Admn. Officer
Duties To Assist the Director Deputy Director (Admn)

Designation Executive Engineer (Civil)
Duties In-charge of Engineering & Technical (civil) Works.

Designation Assistant Engineer (Civil)
Duties To assist the Executive Engineer (Civil)

Designation Store & Procurement Officer
Duties Procurement & Management of Stores

Designation Store Keeper
Duties To Assist the Store & Procurement Officer.

Designation Accounts Officer
Duties In-charge of accounts matters.

Designation Accountant cum Cashier
Duties To assist the Accounts Officer.

Designation Security Officer
Duties In-charge of security matters
Designation PS to Director
Duties Providing Secretarial Assistance to the Director.

Designation Superintendent
Duties To deal with urgent or important receipts and to be responsible for prompt disposal of works in the Section. To scrutinize the notes and drafts of Assistants for correctness and accuracy before submitting the case to the higher officer.

Designation Office Assistant
Duties To assist the Superintendent and to process papers under consideration in the files relating to subjects allotted.

Designation Data Processing Assistant
Duties Maintain the record and data.

Designation UDC
Duties To process papers under consideration in the files relating to subjects allotted.

Designation LDC
Duties To process papers under consideration in the files relating to subjects allotted & to type all matters marked to him/her.

Designation Peon
Duties To attend to the distribution of files to concerned officers & staff & issue of darks.

Chapter – 3
[Section 4(1) (b) (iii)]
Procedure followed in Decision Making Process

NEIGRIHMS follows the procedure indicated in the Rules of the Institute and the Bye-laws for decision-making.

9.3 What are the arrangements to communicate the decision to the public?

Through publication in the notice board, Institute’s Website and if required in the Newspapers.

9.4 Who are the officers at various levels whose opinions are sought for the process of decision making?


9.5 Who is the final authority that vets the decision?

Governing Council, NEIGRIHMS


1 Subject on which the decision is to be taken. All matters relating to Scientific, academic, technical programme and administrative.
2 Guideline/Direction if any All matters are formulated and governed by Rules and instructions laid down.
3 Process of Execution

Administrative & Financial

4 Designation of Officers involved in decision making President, Governing Council, Director & Deputy Director (Admn)
5 Contact information of above mention Officers Administrative Office, NEIGRIHMS, Mawdiangdiang, Shillong-793018.
6 If not satisfied by the decision, where and how to appeal President, Governing Council

Chapter – 4
[Section 4(1) (b) (iv)]
Norms set by it for the discharge of its functions –

Norms as laid down in the Rules & Bye-laws of the Institute. The Manual on Office Procedure, Rules Regulation circulated by the Govt. of India from time to time applicable to Institute.

Chapter – 5
[Section 4(1) (b) (v)]
List of rules, regulations, instructions, manual and records held by the Public authority or under its control or used by its employees for discharging functions

Name/Title of Document Type of Document Available at
Rules & Bye-laws of the Institute Rules Administrative Office, Mawdiangdiang, Shillong-12 <<Download Here>>
Recruitment Rules Rules -do-

Chapter – 6  
[Section 4(1) (b) (vi)]

A statement of the categories of documents that are held by it or under its control

As indicated in Chapter – 4.

Chapter – 7
[Section 4(1) (b) (vii)]
Particulars of any arrangement that exists for consultation with, or representatives by, the members of the public in relation to the formulation of its policy or implementation thereof-

NEIGRIHMS follows the norms set in the Rules of the Institute and its Bye-laws. Accordingly the Governing Council is the highest Policy decision making authority of the Institute. The Council headed by the Union Minister of Health  & Family Welfare as President and interalia consisting of following  nominated/elected members:
  1. Four experts in the field of health sciences, medical sciences and social sciences to be nominated by the Govt. of India.(atleast one from the field of Social Science)
  2. Two Members of the Parliament, one member to be elected by the Lok Sabha and one member by the Rajya Sabha members. (see rule-3 of the Institute’s Rule)

Chapter – 8
[Section 4(1) (b) (viii)]
A statement of boards, councils, committees and other bodies constituted as its part

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Chapter – 9
[Section 4(1) (b) (ix)]
Directory of Officers & Employees

S No. Name Designation STD Code Ph. No. Fax E-mail
        Office Home    
1 Dr. A. G. Ahangar Director


2 - Dy .Director 0364 2538010      
3 Shri J.K. Sarma Financial Advisor (i/c) 0364 2538028 2500012    
4 Prof. A.C. Phukan HoD Microbiology & Medical Supritendent i/c 0364 2538078      
5 Dr. Bhaskar Borgohain Dy. Medical Supritendent 0364  2538075      
6 Shri D. T. Umdor E.E. (Civil) 0364 2538019      


Shri H. Dey Store & Procurement Officer 0364 2538032      
8 Smt E. J. Bathew A. E (Civil) 0364 2538022      
9 Shri M.S. Kharkongor Security Officer 0364        
10 Shri B. Rynjah Asst. Admn. Officer 0364 2538020   2538020  

Chapter – 10
[Section 4(1) (b) (x)]
The Monthly Remuneration Received by Officers  & Employees, including system of compensation as provided Regulations.

<<See Annexure C>>

Chapter – 11
[Section 4(1) (b) (xi)]
The Budget allocated to each agency (Particulars of all plans, proposed expenditures and reports on disbursement made)

By Grant in aid from the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, New Delhi.

Chapter – 12
[Section 4(1) (b) (xii)]
The Manner of execution of Subsidy Programmes

The manner of execution of subsidy programmes, including the amounts allocated and the details of beneficiaries of such programmes.
NEIGRIHMS does not have any subsidy programme.

Chapter – 13
[Section 4(1) (b) (xiii)]
Particulars of recipients of concessions, permits or authorization granted by it

No concessions, permits and authorizations in NEIGRIHMS.

Chapter – 14
[Section 4(1) (b) (xiv)]

Information available in an electronic form

Details of various schemes available in the electronic format:
All advertisement, Tenders etc. RTI -2005 of the Institute’s Website

Chapter – 15
[Section 4(1) (b) (xv)]

Particulars of the facilities available to citizens for obtaining information can be collected

Means, methods available to public for dissemination of information:
Institute’s Website, Citizen Charter etc.

Chapter – 16
[Section 4(1) (b) (xvi)]
The names, designation and other particulars of the Public Information Officer

Name of the Public Authority: Administrative Office, NEIGRIHMS
Public Information Officer: Shri. Elangbam Jiten Singh

Department Appellate Authority?
Sl. No. Name Designation STD Code Phone No.   E-mail Address
        Office Home   Fax    
1 Dr. A. G. Ahangar Director 0364 2538013    2538003  

North Eastern Indira Gandhi Regional Institute of Health and Medical Sciences, Shillong- 793018 (Meghalaya)

Chapter -17
[Section 4(1) (b) (xvii)]